highly available private cloud with dedicated resources, complete flexibility and fast SSD storage.


A truly managed cloud

With 24/7 incident support, you no longer have to worry about your application or website going offline. We do that for you.


Affordable Private Cloud

No expensive investments in server equipment. An entire private cloud at an affordable cost.


Powerful and robust infrastructure

We only use the newest and fastest hardware to ensure that all our services are fast and work reliably.

Infrastructure as code, GitOps and more

We don’t just stop at servers. Our expertise includes infrastructure as code, GitOps, DevOps Pipelines, Kubernetes and much much more.


Personal approach

Whatever business case you have, every project deserves a tailored made solution that will truly fit your requirements.


Scalable and highly available

The private cloud is delivered in a highly available cluster allowing you to keep your business-critical infrastructure online, even when a server fails.

We love Opensource!

Opensource technology has always been a core of our business.
Proxmox as a hypervisor has proven to be reliable, fast and affordable.
Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes for deployments and automation.


Customer Support with a personal touch

Support that really helps you

No standard answers, but in-depth help and advice that will really help you. We build a relationship with every single one of our customers and go the extra mile whenever we can.

We love open and direct communication via platforms such as Slack and Teams.