DevOps, Cloud and Automation

We help our clients with their DevOps transformation and automation projects.

Why choose us over others?

Broad offering & knowledge

Extensive end-to-end support of your infrastructures, workloads, and operations. From code to deployment.

100% independent

Cloudnovi is vendor-neutral and financially independent. This means we advise and coach you to benefit you.

Fast & Reliable

We help you accelerate your IT transformation process, whether you’re just getting started or have advanced through your strategy.

24/7 DevOps and Infrastructure support

Trust the ingenuity, experience and understanding of our seasoned architects. Expect a solid, scalable, secure, extensible and capable architecture, design to last and grow with your business!

Own resources

Cloudnovi has everything in-house: experts, know-how, processes, software and (cloud) infrastructure.


Direct and transparent communication

We thrive in being direct, transparent and easy to communicate with.

Our tech stack

Take a peek inside our tech stack


Automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications


Opensource Virtualization

The #1 opensource virtualization technology.


AWS Consulting and management

We provide professional AWS management & consulting services.


Git Ops workflows

Using GitOps, we can easily enhance collaboration, availability and productivity

Customer Support

With Technical Support that works with you.

As your service provider, we love helping. Being a clear communicator and providing good support is one of our core focuses.