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High Performance compute, a click away.

Server nodes built on premium enterprise hardware, combined with ultra-fast storage, helps servers deliver maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.

DDoS Protection

Choose our hosting service and get peace of mind, knowing that your servers are protected by world-class DDoS protection.


Our services are designed for peak performance, ensuring that your applications & services are always lightning-fast and available.

World-Class connectivity

Get lightning-fast network speeds and reliable connectivity with our hosting service. We are located in Amsterdam which is a major internet hub.

Instant Provisioning

Get up and running in no time with our instant. As soon as we receive your payment, your VPS and our instant dedicated servers are ready for use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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In most cases, VPS orders are activated within minutes after we receive your payment. You should receive an email with further activation steps such as installing an operating system.

In the rare situation that you are not happy with our services, we offer a 24 hour refund policy. This policy only applies to first orders.

We offer our services on a month-to-month basis. This allows you to cancel your service anytime. We do offer longer billing periods, such as quarterly, bi-annually and annually. In such cases, our default refund policy applies.

Yes, you receive dedicated resources with any VPS order. The only shared aspect of your VPS is the network. We provision our nodes with 2Gbps uplinks as standard and depending on your plan, you can use either 250Mbps or 1Gbps of that.

Yes, you receive dedicated resources with any VPS order. The only shared aspect of your VPS is the network. We provision our nodes with 2Gbps uplinks as standard and depending on your plan, you can use either 250Mbps or 1Gbps of that.

This is a physical server entirely dedicated to you. All aspects of it are dedicated for your usage and will not be shared with any other customer.

Our pre-configured dedicated servers are usually ready within minutes for initial installation. Custom configurations or servers we don't directly have in stock can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a week. Feel free to contact us for a more accurate delivery time.

Our dedicated servers are already heavily discounted. With some dedicated servers, we offer discounts for longer commitments. We may be able to offer limited discounts for bulk orders. In this case, please open a ticket through our client area.

Our server hardware is carefully selected and tested. We only use server & enterprise grade hardware. In most cases, one of our offerings will fit most use cases however in the rare situation that it doesn't, feel free to contact us by opening a ticket.

We give you the ability to install an operating system from our broad selection. In addition that, you can access the server over IPMI. Within our client area you can also see network statistics.

Combahton constantly monitors the incoming network traffic. A DDoS attack is automatically detected within a few seconds using previously defined thresholds and automatically routed via the DDoS protection infrastructure.

The current filter capacity is 800 Gbit and is accomplished by several filter solutions. Combahton uses the pre-filtering of network carriers as well as their custom DDoS filters which are subject to continuous optimization and further development. A large DDoS attack, for example, is already limited at the entry points of their carriers and only reaches their uplinks with a few Mbit.

Combahton is able to filter on a Layer 7 level meaning the application level. Some attacks are specifically tailored to certain services and Combahton fitlers for that. This includes but is not limited to HTTP(S), Teamspeak, Minecraft, CS:GO, DayZ, FiveM, ... This is all done on a upstream level, so before the attack reaches our own infrastructure.

We can implement specific filters for whatever service you're running. For example, if you're running a Minecraft server, it's a good idea to contact us so we can implement the necessary filters before the attack even occurs.