Your worry free infrastructure partner

Making premium hosting accessible


High-quality virtual private servers hosted in Frankfurt.

  • Latest AMD CPU’s
  • DDoS Protected Network
  • Supports Linux and Windows
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard
  • 1Gbps uplink
    Server Snapshots included


High-performance, DDoS protected and reliable dedicated servers.

  • Powerful Hardware
  • Layer 7 DDoS Protection 
  • Dedicated 1Gbps uplink
  •  Configurable Hardware
  •  Supports Linux and Windows
  • Frankfurt, Germany


We help our clients with their infrastructure transformation and automation projects

  • 24/7 incident support
    Cloud Cost Management
  • 100% independent
  • GitOps-based approach
  • Dedicated Support (Via Slack & Teams)

More than just IT

If IT is not your core business, why should you manage it yourself?
Stop wasting time on IT and servers.

Your Ideal IT Roadmap

We give you an in-depth assessment with a realistic roadmap. You then decide for yourself at what pace to proceed and convert it into the implementation of IT projects without any barriers.

Cost Management

Without the right mindset and tooling, the use of public cloud and other IT services can get expensive very quickly. We make sure you get the most of your IT budget.

Fast, Reliable & Scalable

Server nodes built on premium dedicated hardware, combined with ultra-fast storage, helps VMs deliver maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.

Truly Managed

We’re here to help make sure your infrastructure runs smoothly. Get around-the-clock monitoring and interventions.

We fill in where you can't

Need additional expertise quick? If we can’t handle it, one of our partners definitely can. We still remain your point of contact to provide you an effortless experience.

DevOps Services

 We provide DevOps services which include continuous integration and continuous delivery of software, DevOps automation, maintenance and support.


Customer Support

We value our customers.

As the IT partner we want to be closely involved in our clients’ projects and are therefore committed to the entire process. We always go the extra mile.